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  • Small Business benefits

    Business users can leverage the app to enhance marketing efforts to their clients by sending out alerts, notifications and streaming product offerings to specific customers, increasing traffic!

  • Broadcast an event

    Improve Business marketing and sales by leveraging PriviPoint. This mobile APP will increase your walk-ins and returning customers dramatically by simply broadcasting

  • Buyers & Sellers

    Got something for sale and want to get rid of it quickly? Use PriviPoint to share your location by placing a PriviPoint pin on your mobile APP’s map such that other users can see it

  • Lost & Found

    Users can place a pin where they may have lost or found something, user with the APP will see it and can respond and Find your misplaced items with help from the community

About PriviPoint

PriviPoint is a mobile APP that lets you Market, Sell, Buy, Discover, Trade, Alert, Search, Plan, Manage and much more all from your mobile device. No matter where you are, PriviPoint has the power to make you a merchant, reporter, event organizer, buyer, seller, video director and more all from a single APP. Our solution enable users in various different ways so no matter what your goals are PriviPoint has something for you. From real time searches and collaboration to discovering your surroundings, PriviPoint lets you share and see what others have shared, discovered, sold, revealed and much more… Use Cases are Endless with PriviPoint!

Privipoint Features


    Share info, alerts, pictures, events and more, Place pins in areas where you wish to bring attention to.


    Users can send out alerts anywhere at any given time with the app, Alerts can be of any type, recreation or warnings.


    Search for anything posted by the app, users may search categories for sales, free goods, alerts, events and more.


    Broadcast Parties, after parties, beach events, school events, gym and team quick huddles. Use PriviPoint as a digital lost and found, leave info behind for individuals that may have lost or found something!.

  • BUY

    Purchase any service via the app, Browse PriviPoint’s goods and services menu for full details on items that suite you.


    Simply fire up the app and discover your surroundings, look for alerts, people, sales, events, location info and more.


    Use the app to target customers via broadcast pins, alerts, broadcast events and more. Place pins anywhere to advertise and inform users.

  • SELL

    Sell anything via PriviPoint, List items you wish to part with for free! If you are a vendor or business, sell your goods and services directly via the app whenever and wherever you are!

Make interactions, awareness and discovery simple with the world’s finest mobile APP technology, The Swiss Army knife of mobile apps is here and it lets you make dreaded everyday tasks more efficient and even enjoyable!

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$4.99 Life time

Receive Alerts
Broadcast and Advertise All Events
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(Merchant's Package) Analytics

$6.99 12/month

Receive alerts
Broadcast and Advertise All Events
Drop your pin anywhere you are offering services
Promote your product
Post an advertisement
View Analaytics
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Premium Package

$12.99 12/month

Send and received alerts
Broadcast and Advertise All Events
Drop your pin anywhere you are offering services
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What's New

Privipoint creates a unique opportunity for millennials to develop micro to medium size businesses by becoming the conduit for the older generation of small business people in communities that need access to international markets.

  • Vendor alert

    Great for Street vendors, food trucks, mobile artists.

  • Lost & Found

    Use PriviPoint and make your surroundings more interactive!.

  • NearPoint

    Lets you know when people of interest are near you.

How People use Privipoint

South Africa

Unit D5, Northlands Deco Park, Newmarket Street, Johannesburg, South Africa

Call Us:South Africa +2710 020 3410

Headquarters:2500 Broadway, Suite #125, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Call Us:U.S.A. (424) 272-6736
  • Adult entertainments

    Air bookings

  • Appliances installations

    Art artists

  • Band merchandises

    Beach bike rentals

  • Beach services

    Bong shops

  • Caves

    Cannabis store fronts

  • Car audio installations

    Car rentals

  • Car washes


  • Cell phone repair s


  • Contractor services

    Counseling services

  • Craft sales


  • Decorators

    Dental offices

  • Drinks


  • Event planners

    Farmers market s

  • Fishing s


  • Food trucks


  • Garage sales


  • Home goods

    Home health aids

  • Homecleanings

    Independent businesses

  • Insurances


  • Life coaches

  • Maid services

    Makeup artists

  • Marijuana deliveries

    Massage therapies

  • Mechanics

    Medicine couriers

  • Mobile barbers

    Mobile car washes

  • Mobile carts


  • Music band services

    Notary services

  • Paintings

    Personal assistants

  • Personal trainers

    Photography services

  • Physical therapists


  • Pool services

    Porta potties

  • Real estate agents


  • Repairs

    Senior services

  • Snow removals

    Tattoo artists

  • Tax services

    Tour services

  • Trash removals

    Truck drivers

  • Tutor services

    Used vintage clothes

  • Wedding planners

    Windshield repairs

  • Yogas